the mind directs the body, the body informs the mind

I. Movement is medicine

Training to just look good is a thought of the past. Training to look good AND to be aware of your body, your breathing, your physiological peaks and dips is the modern way of looking at training.

1-Foundation: This is the most important facet of training. If the foundation is already built, it’s time to add layers to understand why certain movements are important for short and long term. We are in this life to move. So why not understand how it helps us?

2-Intensity: Challenging yourself 3-5x/week for 25-45 minutes at a time in your movement practice correlates with being physically and mentally fit. Do not skip out on this. That means by the end of the workout you feel you have worked a 7 or 8 out of 10 effort.

3-Variation: Variation is key when it comes to keeping a sharp central nervous system. Your body is quick to optimize and predict. As soon as that happens, the exercises should change in intensity, duration, and/or direction.

II. Your Mind needs training too

As much as you train your body, your mind should come along for the ride. It is the score keeper of your emotional output, your energy, and your time. Mental hygiene should be practiced as much as physical hygiene.

What is mental hygiene?

Similar to how plaque builds up on your teeth, your thoughts and questions build up in your mind if they go unaddressed. These are the thoughts about your career, your relationships, your health, your past, present, and future. When cognitive plaque builds up in your mind the result is anxiety or faulty decision making. Just like we pay for training and doctors, we need to hire or seek professionals who can help clean up our thoughts. Read more in the MIND tab.



"When you lookin' at me, tell me what do you see?"

.."(I love myself)"

-Kendrick Lamar