In-person Training Reviews:


I am in the best shape of my life. I have lost over 125lbs. Rachel is the best trainer with a combination of strength, core and mental health training. I have been able to accomplish training I never thought would be possible running, deadlifts and rowing machine etc. Being able to function with ease getting up from the ground with no help, getting on a plane and not needing a seatbelt extension are just a few of my many accomplishments and that is just the start. Looking forward to many more first including a 5k run.


Yvette - Financial Services - December 2018

I recently turned 50 and undoubtedly in better shape than when I turned 40. RM is my secret weapon. She is so competent and motivating. The past two years have been my favorite in the gym since high school.


Michael K, Juice Press CEO - July 2018

After a year of training with Rachel, I am stronger than I was and my arms look great! More importantly I feel better moving around in the world, lifting and carrying things, etc. Rachel brings a keen awareness of body mechanics to her work; she helped me rehab after a knee injury with thoughtful and insightful exercises. She's always gaining new certifications and studying new techniques. Plus the workouts are varied and fun...Recommend!


Jen - Attorney - December 2018

I’ve been working with Rachel for three years, and she is fantastic. Let’s just say that I’m not an incredibly self-motivated person in terms of working out, but I actually look forward to my sessions with Rachel (usually). She is a thoughtful trainer, and knows when to push and how much, not to mention being a great and perceptive person. In terms of results, I feel exponentially stronger than when we started, and my overall fitness is so much better. I really couldn’t recommend Rachel more highly.


Albert - Attorney - December 2018

I first contacted Rachel to get into shape for my wedding... that was 3 years ago. She converted a reticent couch potato into a person who actually enjoys going to the gym on a regular basis. 3 years after our first meeting, and still going strong. Rachel has a way to motivate and make you want to keep trying harder. She has been great at understanding my needs for a training regime, and would tailor workouts specifically for my body to get the optimal results. I have noticeable improvement in my vertical jump and core strength. I used to have chronic lower back and shoulder pain, but now that I consistently work out with Rachel, it has definitely improved and I rarely complain about those aches anymore. Rachel is always a very caring person and has definitely changed my perspective and approach to working out/weight lifting for the better.


Nina - Client Services - December 2018

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Remote Training:

2-5X/week doing a mixture of weight training, kettlebell circuits, and high intensity rowing, skiErg, and tread intervals

2 WEEK PROGRAM - 10 sessions: $150

4 WEEK PROGRAM - 20 sessions: $225

6 WEEK PROGRAM - 30 sessions: $325

*alternative prices/frequencies offered

Each program is customized to you based on your current exercise routine, what equipment you have access to and have worked with, and injury history if any.

Q: What do you like about online training?

A: As a mom and a wife I usually have a set schedule so the online training gives me the flexibility to do the training any time of the day. It gives me structure. And it gives me confidence when I walk into the gym!

Ranin, Mom/Wife; Highlights: Lost 5% BF in 3 months, visible abs, compliments from gym friends, more pull-ups

A: I am most satisfied with the ongoing dialogue and accessibility with Rachel. She is constantly checking in and tweaking my program based on my feedback.

Jordan, Trader; Highlights: Significantly more definition, increased cardio endurance, more strength in my lower body

A: It gives me a long term plan, but it’s more convenient because I am not restricted by a personal trainer’s schedule.

Dorothy, Supervisory Asylum Officer; Highlights: Added variety to workouts, increased deadlift 30 lbs, maintained 18% BF

A: I like the structure of the workouts. I am never bored and always challenged. Each month the focus changes which has allowed my strength to improve.

Cara, Physician’s Assistant; Highlights: Much more definition overall, strength significantly increased

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