What people are saying...


I recently turned 50 and undoubtedly in better shape than when I turned 40. RM is my secret weapon. She is so competent and motivating. The past two years have been my favorite in the gym since high school.

Michael K, Juice Press CEO - July 2018


I don’t think I realized how beat up I was feeling from my workouts before starting Rachel's program. I’m feeling so much better now with the workouts. I’m moving in a lot more planes of motion, and feel much “hardier” overall — like a much more well rounded athlete. I am super challenged by each workout, but the cool thing is it’s not just physically challenged but mentally challenged. I’ve loved tackling new movement patterns that I either consciously or unconsciously avoided in the past. It’s been so fun conquering things I was afraid of before, and I feel like a bad ass after!

Meaghan, 31, Ironman triathlete - July 2018


I’ve done a lot of programs before and it’s the first time where I feel more like an athlete. The type of training that Rachel gives me on a day to day basis is well-rounded and for the first time I’m focusing on my performance and not my aesthetics. I travel a lot for work and I’m always in need of workouts that fit the type of equipment I have access to and she is always able to program the craziest type of workouts with the least equipment available.

Christina, 24, DC - June 2018


I love training with Rachel. She's got a great vibe about her which drew me to begin training with her initially. I don't need the motivation as I have that already, but Rachel guides it and shows me what to do with it. I lift heavier than I ever thought I could, we talk about nutrition, sleep, everything that could possibly effect your workout and overall health. I also feel Rachel is invested in me - I am not just another client to train and move on after one hour, there is so much more to her as a trainer. Rachel is very refreshing, down-to-earth and fun. She knows her stuff, practices what she preaches and looks really terrific herself! So glad we found each other - thank you Rachel!

Christine, 45 - Jan 2017


I've been training with Rachel for a little over two years, and the strength-training regimen has really produced dramatic results. I am far stronger and feel better, and, for probably the first time, I don't mind going to the gym.

Albert, 47, Kasowitz Benson - Feb 2017


I was excited to work with Rachel knowing she has a gymnastics background.  I wanted my workouts to be more challenging so Rachel got a little more creative.  Over three months, I learned how to do Turkish Get-ups, single leg Romanian deadlifts, some Animal Flow, hang cleans, kneeling jump to box jumps, and several other core related moves (that burn like heck, but I loved every second).  My overall strength significantly improved, and I noticed this after week three.  I feel great and best of all, Rachel cracks me up every single time we work together.  Gotta have fun!  I highly recommend Rachel for anyone looking to get into great shape and enjoying their (intense but efficient) workouts at the same time.

Brandon, 27, Former Competitive Diver - February 2016


As a former professional soccer player and now a very mediocre weekend warrior basketball player, I’ve worked out with trainers and coaches around the country.  Rachel Mariotti stands out because she has an ability to push her clients, while making each session unique and fun.  She brings a great energy to our sessions, she inspires me to get more fit, and I love her “Let’s Do This” rallying cry!

Unlike many trainers who rely on a single approach, Rachel took the time to understand my fitness goals and injury concerns in order to build them into a personalized program.  I used to dread the 5:45AM alarm, but now I look forward to it.  I highly recommend Rachel to anyone looking to improve their physical well-being!

My training goals with Rachel were to lose body fat and get as fit as possible before an upcoming basketball camp.  In 3 months, my body fat percentage declined from 12% down to 10%.  Every week, I challenge Rachel to a “plank-off.”  She has won every one of them, but I’m closing the gap, and I feel strong and ready to do my best at the camp!

Dave, 42, Principal, Oak Point Partners - August 2015


Being a former gymnast, I immediately connected with Rachel.  My goal was to lean up a little and to get back to being conditioned.  Not only did I drop 2% body fat in a matter of 6 weeks, but I became much stronger and much more in tune with my body.  Rachel is always expressing where the movement should be felt and how to use your whole body for each exercise.  She made me value the relationship that my body has with fitness and also made me aware of the importance of recovery.  Oh and it doesn’t hurt that she makes jokes and keeps me laughing throughout our training.  I am now back to doing handstands and finally able to do a pull-up, which I haven’t done in years!

Grace, 26, Massey Quick & Co - August 2015


Rachel was the perfect balance of professional and personable in all training sessions.  Not only did she help me meet my 6 week fitness goals, but she also laid a framework for sustainable workouts.  Every session Rachel was enthusiastic and attentive to how I was performing.  She always provided a variety of exercises, so I was never bored.  I highly recommend booking a training with Rachel if you have specific fitness goals in mind or just want to improve your health.

Michelle, 25, Georgetown University Law Center - July 2015


My son signed up for the NYC 2015 Half Marathon in March and he encouraged me to sign up as well.  Because this was my first half marathon, I knew I wanted to seek training in order to get stronger and avoid injury.  Rachel has a strong running background, having run over 10 half marathons, the NYC Marathon and she also ran in college, so I knew she had a good idea of training when it comes to running.  She gave me both a strength training program – which we did together in the gym – as well as a running program which I followed outside of the gym.  Over a 10 week period, I slowly increased my long runs each week from 3 miles to 10 miles and had recovery time toward the end so I was well-rested for race day.  The strength training was balanced well with the running routine, as we built up a nice foundation of squats, dead lifts, core work and short cardio intervals and increased the intensity over time.  I really enjoyed the training and I ended up running the race in 1 hour and 52 minutes, which was well under my 2 hour goal!

Edward, 53, Deloitte - June 2015


When I first joined Equinox, My wedding was three months away and I knew I wanted a trainer so I could look and feel great in my dress (beyond what was possible from just cardio, classes and proper diet).  As soon as I met Rachel, I knew she would be great to work with.  My goals were to tone up my arms, core, legs, and abs.  We jumped right into on our first session, with a mixture of strength training and cardio intervals.  After 3 weeks, I saw more definition in my arms, my core was significantly stronger and my posture was more upright.  

A month in, just as I was seeing serious results, I fell and broke my arm. Rachel was entirely understanding and supportive through the process. She was flexible and accommodating. Now the cast is off, and I'm back at it with Rachel. She has worked around my arm issue, and she has had me doing safe, effective workouts, which worked with my doctors' orders. 

Each time I meet with Rachel, there is always an added element to our training to keep me on edge and keep me sweating. Plus she is fun to be around, and I look forward to our sessions.  I had friends telling me at my bachelorette party that I was slender yet toned – it felt really good to know that! Even my fiance says Rachel knows how to make my body look its best. I'm going to feel great as I walk down the aisle.

Liz, 29, Bloomberg - May 2015


There are good trainers and great ones and I believe Rachel is a great trainer. Rachel genuinely cares for the well-being of her trainees. She is knowledgeable, accessible, responsive, punctual, and very friendly.  When I joined Equinox, my goal was to lose weight.  Since I started training with Rachel, I went from 204lb to 192lb in a matter of 6 weeks.  My body fat % also dropped from 31.7% to 27.2%, where I gained a significant amount of muscle mass.   Rachel took her time to teach me good form, whether it was pull-ups, dead lifts, push-ups, goblet squats, etc.  My experience was an extremely positive and energetic experience – if you know Rachel, she is always right there with you counting each set and in between sets she is cheering you on, clapping, or dancing.  Outside of training, Rachel sent me detailed outlines of exercises – sets, reps, and weight – in order to keep everything progressing and on track. Rachel is responsive to my questions, and is always communicating via email or text with about her plans for our next meeting.  For a long time, I haven't felt as good as I do now and much of it has to do with the outstanding work Rachel has done.

Brian, 45, Deloitte - June 2015


Rachel helped me develop a stronger upper body and better posture.  I sit all day at work and my shoulders tend to hunch over – I wanted to develop better posture.  I did not prioritize exercise into my busy weeks but Rachel figured out a way to fit me in her schedule and encouraged me to do different workouts in between our sessions.  Within the first two weeks of training, I felt a big difference in my arms and back and could feel my posture getting better.  By week six, I went from lifting 5lb dumbbells to 12.5lb, which I found it hard to believe.  It was such a fun training experience and she has such great energy, always making me push myself but also smiling and laughing.  I became addicted to working out and I thank Rachel for that!

Name not disclosed, F29, Pimco - June 2015


Since I sit all day at work, I wanted to move more mindfully, with more creativity and challenge.  Rachel always keeps our training sessions interesting - from using the TRX, to ViPR, to different balancing techniques.  She gives specific cues for breathing and what parts of my body I should be contracting with certain movements.  I've definitely learned to be more aware of my body, and mindful of exercising in general.  My preference of working out centers more around yoga and slower movements and Rachel brilliantly tailors my program around that, always with her unique style/twist.  We do all sorts of yoga moves, single leg balances, head stands, and even a little bit of plyometrics.  She's good at understanding how far I can push myself and we always work just on the edge of that.  She's also incredibly thoughtful and integrates emotional and social health into our time together, which I love!

M. Steinberg, 23 - August 2015